SPACE : Mystic School For Meditation has provided Services to various prestigeous organizations, some of them are :

Workshop for Doctors at Pushpanjali Hospital, Yojna Vihar,New Delhi
Stress management for employees of Alcatel-Lucent ,Noida.
Meditation classes for students at DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad & NIAM, Faridabad.

A Relaxation and Self-Healing Program to Enhance Productivity, Creativity and Personal Well Being. Corporations, educators, bureaucrats and all those who carry a heavy workload around the world are increasingly questioning the same paradigms of efficiency, goal achievement, control and analysis, hierarchy and authority for finding more human and wisdom oriented strategies. It is now being recognized that the mind management or the self management is central to managerial qualities and responsibilities. Wisdom from the ancient sources can be of immense help in gaining the required clarity for experiencing the joy of management. A New Manager with the help of wisdom and meditation can release blocked physical and emotional energy allowing one to attain greater health, inner peace and professional success.

" Enhancing quality of responses to emotions such as: fear, anger, worry, anxiety, and frustration.
" Sharpening awareness and sense of direction.
" The relaxation techniques can be done in the privacy of your home or office.
" The scientific methods are not in conflict with any belief system.
Stress is a natural and inevitable process for adapting the organism to the always changing mental and physical challenges at work and at home. Stress is an integral part of life which demands efficiency and effectiveness. Attaining relief from stress through ways and means of progressive physical and mental relaxation is essential for finding creative solutions to day-to-day problems.
This course aims to show that a natural stress process is the sequence of tension and relaxation, of spending and regaining energy, thus keeping the body-mind system vital and joyful. In a working as well as in a family environment, often this balance is disturbed as people don't take enough care of themselves and fail to spend the required time for relaxation and re-creation of energy. The results are well known: physical illness, emotional tension, and psychological disturbance.


The course is designed to help participants achieve some or all of the following:
" Improving efficiency and focused attention in work.
" Increasing inner motivation and self-directed decision making ability.
" Improving ability to communicate with empathy, understanding, and patience.
" Greater ability to developing a non-judgmental and open attitude.
" Reduced stress, physical illness, and health related problems.
" Increased productivity.
" Creative response to difficult situations.
" Greater ability to look at the roots of issues rather than hurrying to find solutions.
" Positive change in family and organizational culture.

The program will derive wisdom from the ancient sources which can help in dealing effectively with the day to day pressures and stressors. The main emphasis will be on enhancing one's vision with greater clarity as well as one's physical and psychological well being. Through a relaxed and friendly participation the course also aims at enabling how you can face challenges with a greater sense of focused awareness, response-ability, and willingness to change with positive effort.

Requirements for Participation:   Willingness to participate in the workshop with total commitment is essential. Wearing loose and informal clothes will be helpful. Participants will need to be at Meditation Hall by the fixed time till the session end.

"Whatsoever you do can become meditative.

Meditation is not something separate;it is a part of life." -- OSHO