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Osho Active Meditations

For many people of modern times it is not easy to sit silently and let body and mind relax. Mostly they are too tense ,stressed out or locked in their thoughts. For them and with them Osho scientifically designed new devises and brought back to our knowledge ancient techniques, available now for humanity of 21st century.

These are amazing tools for all those who want to find their inner peace of mind and at the same time are with both feet in this world. The standardized meditation techniques from Osho are designed for one hour , have different stages with music specifically created for this purpose.
There is usually at first a time with physical activity. Through movements dormant energies can be awakened,surppressed or frozen emotions can be released.We can letgo of tension and stress, feel refreshed and younger again. and - then ! when we stop moving and sit or lie down, our energy can turn inwards easily and naturally .Meditation can happen.
These Active Meditations when practiced regularly, benefits numerously in all dimensions.

What are Osho Active Meditations™?

Osho Active Meditations are a new way of taking care of both the outer and the inner you. Each programme starts with physical activity such as breathing, shaking, dancing or humming and is followed by relaxation and stillness. This is when meditation can happen - a time to just be aware of your body sensations, thoughts and feelings in a self-accepting way without judgement.

How do they work?

Unrelieved tensions block the natural flow of energy in our bodies. This affects our ability to think and the way in which we relate to others. Osho Meditations dissolve these blocks and allow us to become more natural and relaxed.

Who are they for?

Osho Meditations are especially designed for people who want to bring a new quality of ease to their busy, pressured lives. For men and women who not only care about their bodies and their health, but who also like to feel at ease inside. For people who want to become more calm and flexible, without being controlled by the opinions of others.


What tools do I need?

Especially composed music for the different techniques is to accompany the meditations. CDs, containing detailed instructions, can be ordered from Osho Purnima Distribution.

Can I do the meditations by myself?

It is recommended to do the meditations for the first time in a group or with someone who has done them before, mainly the Dynamic Meditation. Later on they can be done on your own.

How often should I do the meditations?

Once you have found a meditation that works for you and you enjoy doing, decide to do it for three consecutive days (and stick to it). If after these three days you wish to continue, you can commit yourself for the next three weeks, and later for three months.

Who has invented them?

Active Meditations have been devised by the modern mystic Osho especially for the modern man. All of Osho's active meditations involve a beginning stage of activity -- sometimes intense and physical -- followed by a period of silence. All are accompanied by music that has been specially composed to guide the meditator through the different stages. Osho has also recommended different meditations for different times of the day. Follow the links below for details.

To know more about Osho Active Meditations log on to : www.osho.com/meditation